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The Academically Talented Program provides experiences and specific curriculum designed to meet the special needs of a selective grouping of intellectually gifted pupils beginning in third grade. Students are identified through intelligence tests, teacher judgment, creativity test scores and academic achievement. A Pupil Placement Team composed of classroom teachers, psychologists, school principals, and the director of the program select pupils for the program. For additional information, please refer to the NPS Handbook.

The Artistically Talented Program provides a special opportunity for students who demonstrate unusual talent and creativity. Students in the program are usually identified in second grade and enter the program at the beginning of the third grade level, remaining in the program through fifth grade. The screening and identification process involves testing and the judgment of professionals. When students have been identified, parents/guardians are notified and informational meetings are held. For additional information, please refer to the NPS Handbook.

English as a Second Language (ESL) directly assists second language learners to gain a greater fluency in the English language and provides support in academic work while the child is learning English. For additional information, please refer to the NPS Handbook.

Project Excel (Norwalk's Title 1 program) provides support in reading/writing and math for identified students. Students are admitted into the program for the full year, depending upon teacher recommendation, criterion referenced tests, attendance, and demonstration of need. Student records are reviewed annually to determine continuation in the program.